hunt mountain lion

Do mountain lions directly affect you? No. Have they killed anyone in Nebraska? Not yet. However, they are playing a huge role in the downfall of deer and elk population in Nebraska. Not to mention the toll they have on ranchers paychecks (aka livestock.) No they don't massacre livestock or wildlife, but, every calf that falls victim to a predator is thousands of dollars out of a families pocket that would've gone towards tuition, bills, local shops, and regular costs of life. The mountain lion seasons, while seeming futile and cruel to some, do help to control the ever growing population. Not only mountain lions pose a threat. Coyotes and other predators (that supposedly aren't here) like wolves and bears also pose a threat. To those who don't believe bears are in Nebraska, there was a bear in the town of Harrison a few years ago and was euthanized by the Game and Parks in a machine shed north of Harrison. As far as wolves, while there is no concrete proof, people have reported sightings throughout the panhandle. Now, back to the issue at hand. Yes mountain lions have around 5 cubs, give or take, and they will continue to breed. A hunting season will both help to control and monitor the population. It will benefit ranchers (even if it is just peace of mind) and also the game and parks will have ready access to record age, health, and possibly diet of the cats. While those in a more densely populated area may not see these points and argue that since we don't eat the cats and that they are a beautiful creature they shouldn't be bothered, I caution you about jumping to conclusions. Two years ago the mule deer population was reportedly out of control and they issued more permits. This past season brought about the lowest recorded harvest numbers in decades. Just because mountain lions aren't a huge problem now, does not mean they will never be a huge problem. It is important to learn as much as we can about the Nebraska populations while they are still in the beginning of building their numbers.

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