minimize property damage caused by elk

Work cooperatively with landowners and producers to identify private land management opportunities and prevent or minimize property damage caused by elk
Provide technical, material, and/or financial assistance through DNR’s animal damage management program and in cooperation with other conservation agencies and non-governmental organizations for private land management that benefits elk. Where appropriate, expand the use of private land food plots.
Strategy 2B.
Work proactively with landowners and producers to identify depredation situations and prepare a Cooperative Damage Management Agreement (CDMA) that identifies and provides a progressive series of abatement and prevention techniques and materials, including the use of depredation shooting permits.
Strategy 2C.
Work with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and the Minnesota Legislature to encourage full and timely payment of all valid elk damage claims.
Strategy 2D.
When elk are taken using depredation shooting permits, notify the affected landowners of disease testing results. Post all elk disease testing results on the DNR web site.
Strategy 2E.
Evaluate existing and potential pilot projects with landowners and producers using permanent and temporary fencing and other barrier materials to prevent elk damage of stored forage. Evaluate for expanded use in subsequent years.

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turkey season 2016
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