National Hunting and Fishing Day - how hunters and anglers contribute to conservation


National Hunting and Fishing Day - how hunters and anglers contribute to conservation

Hunters and anglers are FWC’s essential partners in fish and wildlife management, providing information, effort and funding. One way hunters and anglers provide support for wildlife and their habitats is by p

Another source of conservation funding is the Federal Aid in Wildlife and Sportfish Restoration Program, which brings monies from the fishing, boating, and shooting sports industries and participants directly back to Florida.

Sportsmen and women help in other ways, too. They spend countless hours in the woods and on the water and provide the FWC with important information about what’s happening in the most remote parts of the state. They report on habitat conditions and fish and wildlife violations, helping the agency protect and conserve Florida’s natural resources.

Hunters and anglers also contribute time and money to sportsmen’s groups and conservation organizations that are dedicated to on-the-ground projects that benefit fish and wildlife – everything from clean up days on public lands to wildlife habitat enhancement projects.

urchasing licenses and permits. Licenses, which are available at, by calling 888-FISH-FLORIDA or 888-HUNT-FLORIDA or by visiting your local tax collector or outdoor retailer, help fund science-based management and more access and opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

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