Texas Hill Country Streams


Texas Hill Country Streams

Many of the streams that run swiftly through the rocky, tree-shaded hills of Central Texas are fed by springs. These streams are home to many species of fish, amphibians, plants and insects, which depend on
a steady flow of clean water for survival. Some of these species
(salamanders in particular) are found only in these special spring-fed environments. Our state freshwater fish, the Guadalupe bass, is found in several streams and rivers of Central Texas.
Hill Country streams provide good cover for fish with tree roots, branches and other vegetation along

the edges and uneven, rocky
bottoms. Insect larvae like to hide under rocks to catch bits of food in the current. These larvae, in turn, become food for fish. Many fish lay their eggs in the streams’ shallow, gravely riffles. Anglers can expect to catch bluegills, bass and catfish in the Hill Country on a variety of baits.
Hill Country streams have always been popular among people who
love to fish, paddle, swim or watch nature. Many community groups have organized to help keep these streams clean, healthy, and flowing through wise water use and land use planning.

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