salmon fishing


2016 Oregon Ocean Salmon Sport Seasons


salmon fishing

 Kuskokwim ADF&G staff in collaboration with Kuskokwim Native
Association (KNA) operated two separate tagging projects to monitor Chinook salmon populations in the Kuskokwim River. ADF&G and KNA have partnered on Kuskokwim salmon projects for a number of years and continue that collaboration on this CSRI project.,
The Lower Kuskokwim River tagging project was operated as a feasibility study to identify optimal tagging locations and efficiency, and monitor survival.
Radio tags were inserted into 92 Chinook salmon, with 15 tags recovered upriver in monitoring weirs. The Middle Kuskokwim River tagging project operated near the village of Kalstag and will use radio telemetry to produce an estimate of the number of Chinook salmon returning to the Middle and Upper Kuskokwim River. This project deployed 304 radio tags in Chinook
salmon captured in fish wheels and drift gillnets. Approximately 95% of the tagged fish migrated upriver and 30 tags were recovered at monitoring weirs.
Aerial counts were conducted from a helicopter to estimate escapement in three tributaries of the Lower Kuskokwim River. That data will identify the contribution of Chinook salmon in each system to the total lower river escapement. The Kuskokwim radio tagging and aerial survey projects are scheduled to continue in 2017 and will provide managers information on Chinook salmon abundance, distribution, and travel time in river.

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